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Borygo Truck

First Polish fluid for particular engine types, based on mono-ethylene glycol. Addressed to the trucks end users. Prepared and produced on occasion of 50th anniversary of first Polish cooling fluids production.

Thanks to the application of scrupulously combined inhibitors and additives Borygo Truck is well-adjusted to the tough working conditions, to which internal combustion engines are submitted.  The main task/aim/goal of this liquid is, not solely the process of engine cooling, but as well divesting the heat of the engine and gearing oil radiators also heating installations and air conditioning.

The only one fluid that can redeem such expectations is BORYGO TRUCK, which:
Contains a set of anticorrosion, non-foaming and guaranteeing appropriate alkali reserve additives, which prevent the fluid acidification during exploitation,
Protects against corrosion all radiator construction materials,
Prevents boiler scale precipitation and at the same time extends cooling system lifespan; it does not harm rubber and plastic.
This product meets the requirements of low-solidification point fluids for internal combustion engines cooling systems specified by Polish Norm (PN-C-40007:2000). Borygo Truck holds the COC and the Safety Certificate Mark B.


Intended to be diluted by distilled water.Combined in proportion 1:1, reaches freezing temperature below -35°C.

Detailed miscibility chart:

Freezing point °C
-10 -14 -19 -24 -30 -35 -42
Concentrate content in the compound volume % 25 30 35 40 45 50 55
Water content in the compound volume % 75 70 65 60 55 50 45


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